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4 Causes of Sudden Death During Love-making


Death can occur during consensual love-making for a number of reasons, generally because of the physical strain of the activity, or because of unusual extenuating circumstances.

Doctors have long known that physical activity can cause serious heart problems and may lead to sudden death.


Here are 4 Causes of sudden death during love-making:

1. Heart Disease

The most common cause of sudden death during sexual intercourse in adults is heart disease, and it is usually the male, whereas the death of the woman is quite rare. Generally, in these cases, death occurs as a result of cardiovascular disease. So, any rigorous activity such as intercourse are triggering factors that can lead to cardiac arrest.

2. Having extra-marital partners

Intercourse with an extramarital partner may increase the risk of sudden death as compared to that with marital partners. It is natural to assume that sexual activity with an extramarital partner, especially in an unfamiliar setting, may lead to significant increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which may result in sudden death.

3. The use of unknown energy enhancers

Some die as a result of engaging in the act despite their unstable health condition, to satisfy their lust and some take energy enhancements to go extra miles to satisfy their partners without minding the dangers attached to it.

It is quite common among men because they want to satisfy women but the risks attached to it is greater than the reward.

4. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH)

The commonest cause of death during intercourse is someone who has subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). It’s a form of stroke and also a form of blood vessel taking blood to brain bursting during love-making. In cases like this, the person has to be taken to the hospital. If they are rushed to the hospital on time, they may still survive but if not, it’s something very lethal.


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    For me sex without touching the clítoris , the breasts , the ears( pinah ) , the toes doesnt bring the pleasure it deserves!! Iam a born of 1966 and still enjoy sex my way !!

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    People should stop sleeping with other peoples’ wives

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