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4 Clear Warning Signs He Is A Player Or Womanizer


1. He’s very nice to you in private, but he doesn’t try as hard in public

Players are great at playing the sweet, affectionate man when you’re together, but in public, he’s more distant and less tender. Bad guys want to look single – or at least not too lovey-dovey – in a relationship.

He may also be nervous about running into one of his other partners that he’s seeing. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the street or at an event.

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If there’s a big difference between his private and public behavior, then this is a sign that he is not right for you. The only reason he’s doing that is because he has something to hide.

2. He guards his phone like a hawk

This is still the absolute best way to recognize a player and/or cheater. If he never leaves his phone lying around and/or has a security code that he always enters in such a way that you can’t see it, then that’s a bad sign.

If he turns his phone away when he reads a message, you can assume there’s something wrong. Some guys even go so far as to turn their phone off when they’re near you, or they even bring a second phone with them that’s clean.

Bonus tip: If you often hear his phone vibrate late in the evening, it’s not a good sign. Friends usually don’t text around 11:30 pm to say goodnight.

If you’re still frequently going out to bars and nightclubs every week, the following is crucial to you:

3. He keeps track of where you are and never goes to the same venue

This is always a funny remark that I hear from a lot of women when they’re dealing with a player:

He’s rarely available on Saturdays and always “accidentally” goes to a different venue than you are.

He will often send you a message on Saturdays asking you where you’re going and what your plans are. Sounds like he is doing it out of interest? In reality, it’s to make sure he doesn’t bump into you unexpectedly.

4. He’s more distant towards you when there are other women around

I assume this is self-explanatory, but I’ll mention it just to be sure. If he’s more distant when other women are around, then this isn’t a good sign.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants something from them, but a player is simply a player, and it’s in his nature to flirt with women.


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