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4 Common Mistakes We Do While Charging Smartphones, Causing Damage To Battery


For most people, charging their smartphones has become a part of their regular routine. But did you know that there are actually some huge mistakes you can make when charging your phone that could potentially damage it?

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Here are four mistakes that users should avoid when charging your phones.

Charge the battery to 100% Another charging mistake that we unconsciously make is to discharge the battery and then charge it to 100%. Lion batteries work best when the charge is between 30% and 80%. Charge it until it reaches 100%, the high voltage of the electric current will overload the battery, causing it to overheat and gradually reduce its lifespan.

Quick-charging frequently

Powerbanks usually have the quick-charge feature, where it delivers more electrical power to charge your phone faster than your usual charging time. While it may sound convenient, it’s not ideal in the long run. The power surge from quick charging causes battery strain. If you keep charging in this mode, then you’re slowly killing your battery.

Charging your phone in the wrong places

You should mind where you charge your phone, because not doing so can negatively affect your battery capacity. Phones have a temperature range they can function normally and charging your phone in a hot area can raise the temperature and stress the battery out.

You never unplug your charger.

A charger takes power all the time, even if the phone is not connected in. As a result, your electric bills will go up. Furthermore, if the air in the room is humid enough, the transformer emits heat that can build up over time and cause something nearby to catch fire, or it can short-circuit the transformer, causing a fire.

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