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5 Ways Your Phone Could Land You in 3 years Jail term


The country’s technological accomplishments have experienced significant setbacks as a result of cybercrime operations carried out via devices like computers and mobile phones. The numerous advantages of the modern world may be overshadowed by these negatives.

As a mitigating measure in response to the increase in cybercrime, for instance, rules governing the use of computers and mobile devices have been passed.
The Cybercrime Act was passed in Kenya in order to combat the growing number of criminal acts linked to computers and mobile devices. Despite protests from several human rights lobby groups against the restriction of freedom of expression, the legislation was implemented.

Take a look at these five ways a cell phone might get you arrested.

Publishing False Information
This law redefines the freedom of expression guaranteed by Article 33 of the Constitution and restricts the freedom of a phone user.

According to Kenyan law, it is illegal to broadcast information on a person or an organization that could endanger their reputation or cause fear. Such a violation might result in a fine of up to five million shillings or a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

This is true for the use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which are regarded as publishers.

Cyber Bullying
As defined by this Act, cyberbullying is any type of communication by a computer user that can make someone fear for their safety or have a negative impact on their mental health.

A minimum Ksh20 million fine or 10 years in prison is appropriate for posting or publishing information that might make someone feel threatened, uneasy, or afraid.

This has an impact on social media users as well, where the majority of cyberbullying cases appear. More than one in five women in Kenya have experienced cyberbullying on social media platforms, according to World Wide Web research. This could take the form of messaging or posting material that might have an impact on a person’s mental health.

Violating Trademark Rules

Any term, symbol, or name that has been registered as a form of identity by a company or an individual is referred to as a trademark. A two-year prison sentence could result from using or adopting such a name in a lawsuit.

A Ksh200,000 fine may also be appropriate for this infraction. A person who commits such an offense may, in severe cases, face both punishments.

Legal actions in the nation could result from impersonation on social media. Any use of a different person’s signature, password, or feature of identity is referred to here.

Cybercrime laws may be considered to make it illegal to use names or other symbols of identification as passwords or fictitious user names.

A maximum three-year jail sentence or a Ksh200,000 fine are appropriate penalties for this offense.

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