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7 Signs That Your Body Is Very Fertile


When your hormones are out of control, you’re at your most fertile. The indicators listed below may not be obvious to you, but they will undoubtedly alert others that your fertility is at its height.


1. Blushing- When women are pregnant, they blush more and have a pinker tinge to their cheeks. The blush is caused by an increase in the hormone estradiol levels. When you’re ovulating, this hormone is at its peak, pumping blood to your cheeks and generating that flush.

2. Your voice becomes sultry– A woman’s voice undergoes significant changes throughout her cycle, culminating in a seductive tone during ovulation. Hormones are also responsible for changes in your voice, just as they are for the rosy hue on your cheeks

3. You wear a lot of red– When ovulating, women choose vivid tones of red and pink to catch the attention of the other sex. Also, to feel their most seductive! At this time, short dresses, skirts, and tops with low necklines will be popular.


4. You shake hands firmly– Women who have a firm grip on their hands when shaking hands are not only more fertile, but also have more children.

A powerful and assertive personality can be interpreted as a sign of good health, almost always implying a high degree of fertility.

When it comes to finding a mate, women place a high value on strength, and this study shows that men do as well.

5. Your face looks prettier– Full lips, bright eyes, plump cheeks, and smooth skin are common characteristics of women who are fertile. This occurs as a result of the increased estrogen levels during ovulation

6. You dance in a sexier way– Women in their prime fertility periods dance more sensually, seem more attractive, and are less worried.

There is a link between a woman’s attractiveness and her ovulation phase, according to studies. The way a woman moves and acts is influenced by her shifting hormones.


7. You look fitter– During ovulation, women are more determined to reduce weight. This is due to the fact that women want to attract a decent mate, thus they try to appear their best.

Women on birth control tablets and those who were not ovulating, on the other hand, did not show the same excitement for working exercise.

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