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Best Side hustle Job ideas for Kenyan students


Want to work a student-side job to get some additional cash? Here are some straightforward employment tips from TechArena.

Now that digitization has advanced significantly here in Kenya, the internet may be used to look for a job. Similarly, if you’re a student, don’t worry; you may now obtain a job to supplement your Semesters.

Let us get started.

Data Entry
Do you possess the skills necessary to use Excel? You could be a good fit for this last student side job. Many organizations are offering this position; all you need to do is input the crucial data into Excel and clean it up. The money is also reasonably promising. To avoid entering data improperly, you must have a high level of detail skill since you are working with data.

Write Notes
Many websites will allow anyone to upload Books, tutorials, and even short notes and make money from them. Here in Kenya, we have sites like that you can take advantage of.

Start A podcast
For those of you who love doing a podcast or Audio stuff, this is a venture that may interest you with time. Our advice is to be patient when handling this segment, as you must gather enough audience before monetizing your skill. This work is ideal for those who like chit-chatting since it may help you improve your communication skills.

Social media Marketers
Many students nowadays can manage social media and earn from them. You can use this to start your own social media management company. The job description for a social media administrator is typically to respond to customer conversations, publish social media publications, and produce captions for each post.

Usually, freshly established or created MSMEs prefer to open social media admin positions.

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Graphic Artist
For those skilled in graphic design, this part-time job for students is ideal since most freelance graphic designers work according to the tasks they are given. You may work with MSMEs to create a logo or a social media post to launch your career as a freelance graphic designer.

Start a Blog
Starting a blog may also be another niche to consider if you want to work online. Just Like doing a podcast, this venture will also require one to put in effort and discipline. After you have monetized your content, you may earn significantly from it.

Paying online surveys
You will be required to complete online surveys, so there is no need for extensive time commitment or specialized knowledge for an online student job. The price per survey and the variety of surveys you complete determine how much money you make from this employment.

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