Big Blow To Manchester United After Their Best Player Is Arrested And Imprisoned For Doing This


Manchester United in one of the best teams in England and we have seen it doing well in the English Premier League matches.

The good performance of Manchester United is courtesy of their best players, skilled coach and qualified management. All their players are super stars and many teams often want to work with them.

Apparently, Manchester United is suffering a major blow after one of their players got arrested, charged in court and given six months imprisonment.

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Wan Bissaka was arrested after he was found driving his Lamborghini Urus while disqualified. On top of that, Bissaka was driving without a license and insurance cover.

This qualified player was also found with other minor mistakes while driving his car. The court charged him with six months imprisonment unless another better action is taken to stop Bissaka from being locked in. We do not know if Manchester United will give assistance to their player