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Carrol Sonnie denied any reunion between Him and Mulamwah


Kenyan Comedian Mulamwah claims he has not reconciled with Carrol Sonie. Mulamwah posted a video of himself and Carrol at a photoshoot and captioned it, “Mama na baba K. Anything for you sweetie.”


A few minutes later, Carrol Sonnie denied any reunion between them and claimed Mulamwah gate-crashed at her photoshoot.


Carrol: “Don’t be played. As for me, I am done with you. Apologise to your daughter, apologise to my family, apologise to your fans for misleading them. Man up and take full responsibility.”

Photo: Mulamwah, Bonfire Adventures (Instagram)

“Mulamwah came to ask me for forgiveness. I told him to go and ask for forgiveness publicly because I feel I was disrespected publicly,” Carrol Sonie speaks about recent confusion concerning him and the father of her child.

“Ameniweka in a position where I look bad. Sasa akikuja kuapologise in private na amedisown mtoto publicly, it doesn’t make sense. I took those pictures because he is the father of my child and he has my respect. I don’t like embarrassing anyone,” Carrol added.

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Photos: Carrol Sonie, Story za Kapedo (Instagram)

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