Didmus Barasa And John Waluke In Trouble After KDF Revealed Crucial Details About Their Days In The Army

didmus bahasa and John waluke
didmus bahasa and John waluke

Sirisia MP John Waluke (right) and Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa (left).


Members of Parliament Didmus Barasa and John Waluke have found themselves once again in the wrong side of law.

The two who have pending court cases, have now received a letter from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on their use of army titles in official documents.

EACC disclosed that they had gotten information from Kenya Defense Forces that the two parliamentarians were impersonating rank titlesThe Sirisia MP John Waluke has been using title of Major (rtd) in official documents.


KDF has said that in years of service to the force, Waluke never attained such rank. For the 14 years he served in the army, Waluke was promoted only one. When he requested on May 21, 1994 to be discharged on compassionate grounds he was a senior private.

This is the second lowest rank in the military. At the time of early retirement he was a driver for the army having started as a tank loader in the 76 Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion.

On his part, Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa refers himself as Captain (rtd). In his records at the parliament, he has said that he worked for KDF from 2001 to 2007 a period of seven years.

Surprisingly, KDF has written to EACC that Barasa was a soldier for only one year and 76 days. Actually the time he professes to have left the military is when he joined. He joined the army on October 28, 2007. He got dishonorable discharge on February 26, 2009.

The military has told EACC that the MP was fired for absenteeism and gross misconduct. They cite one example when just as a newbie in the military, he forged signature of his superior to get a loan

While Waluke has decided to remain silent on the matter, Barasa has accused EACC of harassing him. He has not discredited information given by KDF about him but he has said that it is a petty issue that does not warrant a letter from EACC.

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Instead of concentrating about him using army titles, Barasa feels EACC should use the energy to convict COVID-19 billionaires