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Do You Drink Water Immediately Before Or After Meal? See How People Get It Wrong


Water is crucial for keeping your body operating properly and feeling healthy, as well as quenching your thirst.

Water is required for nearly all of your body’s essential systems to function and survive. You’d be shocked at how beneficial being hydrated is to your body.

Is it beneficial to drink water after or in between meals? When you drink water after you eat, it weakens your digestive system. Water functions as a cooler and dilutes the gastric juice, which is directed against the body’s digestive strength.

Drinking water before meals will also make you weak and emaciated. Drinking water just after eating, on the other hand, has an impact on the quality of your food as well as your body’s digestive strength. Water gives it a cooling effect, and doing so on a frequent basis may cause you to gain weight.

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During a meal, drinking water moistens the food and aids in the breakdown of the food into finer and smaller particles. This explains why it is desirable and healthy to consume water in between your meal. However, this does not mean you should drink a glass full of water to relieve thirst.

Instead, drink only a small amount of water during each meal.Because your stomach will be full with water if you drink a lot of water while eating, you will consume less food.

Also, make sure the water you drink is at the room temperature as excessively cold water can make digestive enzymes inactive which leads to accumulation of harmful waste in the body. This also leads in hazardous ailments such as acid reflux or hiatus hermia.

Additionally, avoid consuming fluids or beverages such as coffee or tea while eating. To summarize, it is now abundantly evident that drinking water right after a meal is not recommended. Wait about half an hour before drinking it. Drink as much water as possible after 1 or 2 hours, since the digestion process will be sped up.


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