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HAPPENING NOW:Why Security Has Been Tightened At JKIA This Morning


Morning report reveals that their is an intense security screening at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport check point.

The report by the Kenya roads traffic alert ma3route on their Twitter page shows that their is intense jam at the entrance of the airport which has been caused by the through check and screening done by the security officers.

This comes hours after the German,Dutch and French Embassies living Nairobi issued a warning to their nationals of the frequent terror attacks in the country.

The European Embassies advised their nationals to avoid some areas which they claim that are being targeted by the attackers.

The country has been prone to frequent attacks of late and just recently,a vehicle containing court officials was reportedly sprayed with bullets by unknown people where an officer was left with injuries.

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However,the government is trying to put up ways in order to curb the frequent attacks that has instilled fear among many Kenyans.

Kenyans are also advised to report any suspicious cases to the security officers in order to stay safe.

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