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Here is How To Increase Your Fuliza Loan Limit


Am just teaching you this option because of the emmergency that may rise in your side but actually what we have to do is hat we have to learn to make money and increase our pockets weight this loan thing is eating us badly.

Due to hard economic times which has greatly affected most Kenyans and the world at large, most people have turned into other ways to help them meet their daily expenses. This is why Safaricom came up with Fuliza which is a good platform.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do at the supermarket counter when you run out of cash and have already picked up the goods?

Here is what to do if you want to opt in for Fuliza, dial *234# using your mobile phone then select option 0. Then select option 98 and scroll down to select the 7th option, which will enable you to opt out of Fuliza.

Wait for atleast 5 minutes and repeat the same process by dialling *234# upto option 7 and opt in again. You will realize that your limit has been increased within minutes. If you have any question, please feel free and contact us. All the best !

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