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High Court Suspends One of The Bills Uhuru Assented to Law


President Uhuru Kenyatta assigned a bill to be the law,on revision of traffic rules and offences,as well as charges to any driver who will break the rules.

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And now President Uhuru Kenyatta has received a major blow after High Court Justice Mrima Anthony, suspends the carrying out of 2022 traffic rules.

Mrima argues that the case has been taken to National Assembly and the Senate,so as to be reconsidered before being implemented.

“Therefore the 2022 enforced traffic rules will not be in use until the National and Senate assemblies relook into the matter,” part of Justice Anthony Mrima’s ruling read.

The case was filed by driving schools who claimed the rules and charges were too tough and high.

It will now be waited to be seen if the government will be able to implement the rules by overlooking Court’s ruling ,or the reconsideration will be made by the National and Senate assemblies.


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