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How Fans Dressed Betty Kyalo By Force While At Watamu


Betty Kyalo,a well know media personality has proved to the world that she no longer cares about her appearance. She has been taking internet by storm through her hot pics as she explore the world.


Betty is allover in the Internet,and since she divorced she is acting as a free bird in the air. Most of her fans are happy about it,they admire her courage and boldness,and how she accepts herself as a woman.

While at Watamu, Betty posted the above pic and it brought different reactions from her fans. Some loved it but others especially the christians rebuked how she has posted the pic almost naked.

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Betty told the fans to keep their insecurities far from her.

Fans dressed her in their comments at Facebook now Meta,as following.

It was a fun moment to fans,but it is a wise way to tell Betty to cover her body. Betty,most young people admire her but thought it’s good she doesn’t post half naked pics.


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