“I Am Giving You Three Minutes” Raila’s Security Told After What Kamukunji Residents Did

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Screenshot 20211013 212701 Chrome

ODM leader Raila Odinga was on Wednesday welcomed by a huge crowd as he held a public rally at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi.

There was heavy police presence as excited Kamukunji residents escorted Raila to the event and as Raila was alighting from his car, other leaders joined him together with some of the residents.

Raila’s security detail had a hard time trying to control the crowd and they allowed the area residents to get to the podium together with politicians who had accompanied Raila.

Makadara MP George Aladwa who was presiding over the event asked the security detail to remove residents who were at the podium.

“Security, remove everyone,” said Aladwa as he was pointing where a huge crowd had gathered at the podium

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The MP continued to introduce the politicians who were with Raila to the event as the security are seen trying to push the crowd off the podium.


The security however could not manage to remove the area residents as they had already mixed with the politicians

Aladwa after seeing the podium was still crowded gave the security three minutes to remove the residents

“I am waiting for you to clear them, I am giving you three minutes you remove them,” added Aladwa.

The MP eventually gave up and continued introducing the politicians who had a hard time trying to come forward to wave to the crowd as their names were being mentioned.

The bodyguards formed a barrier close to Raila to prevent the residents who were at the podium from getting too close to Raila and a few politicians who were sited.