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‘I Cheated On Him With A ‘Mubaba’- Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals (Video)


EX-girlfriend of stivo simple boy reveals what made stivo part ways with her, Talented singer Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has come clean on cheating on him during their relationship as lovers. The YouTuber, has admitted that she cheated on Stivo-not once, not twice, but thrice; including with a ‘mubaba’.

One for being a cry baby over the break-up, and 2nd for replacing Stivo in no time. After their separation, Vishy went public to announce her return to the streets. Less than a week later, she introduced her new catch via her Instagram, where they did some kind of raunchy video to suggest they were lovers. Her caption also captured netizen’s attention.

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And in a recent interview, she has also received heavy criticism for disclosing that she cheated on Simple Boy. Most fans have questioned why she decided to divulge the information only after their break-up; maintaining that it’s a means of damage control. She disclosed this in a recent interview with Mpasho.

Pritty however, purported that she’s still a big fan of Stivo Simple Boy and his music despite their fall-out.

Watch her full interview below;

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