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“I Warned You But You Didn’t Listen” Miguna After Musalia’s ‘Earthquake’ As He Predicts Raila’s Fate


Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has weighed in on the new political developments noting that Raila has finally been pushed into political oblivion.

Miguna claims that he had warned Raila of the “impending doom” but he was heedless.


“Goodbye, Raila Odinga.


I warned you but you refused to listen.


Retire peacefully.




General Miguna Miguna” he noted.

The deputy president William Ruto also confirmed his association with Mudavadi saying in his speech that they will move in one direction and hold rallies in Nakuru on Wednesday, in Western on Saturday and Central on Sunday.

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He also noted that Kenyans should expect another political announcement in future about the coalition.

It would be a big juggle for the DP if he has to pick Mudavadi as his DP and deal with the consequences (possible betrayal accusations by his Central Kenya allies) or he will stick with the Mt Kenya region.



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