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ICC Case Against DP Ruto’s Lawyer Takes A New Twist After Prosecutor Delivers Bad News


The case against Paul Gicheru, Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyer at the International Criminal Court, has taken a new turn.


This came when the Prosecutor revealed that a key witness on whom they had relied had recanted, leaving them with little choice except to drop the witness.

The ICC witness P-0604, according to Deputy Prosecutor James Stewart, refused to cooperate, thus they had no choice but to drop him.

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This is a big setback for the prosecution, which has been attempting to prosecute Paul Gicheru with witness interference by buying witnesses, resulting in the case against vice president William Ruto crumbling.

The prosecution has been dealt a serious blow as the witness who was dropped declined to come for a meeting with the ICC prosecutors.

It’s the same witness who had records that may have helped the prosecution substantiate bribery charges after presenting the prosecution with the essential documents they needed.


Another potential witness has already denied ever receiving bribes from Lawyer Paul Gicheru, who was working for Deputy President William Ruto at the time the investigation collapsed.

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