“It’s Well Mama” Kenyans Send Their Condolences To Size 8 And Family After Losing Child

    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn3
    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn3

    Pregnancy loss is devastating, no matter when it happens or what the circumstances are. With time, however, comes healing.

    Allow yourself to mourn your pregnancy loss and accept what’s happened and then look toward the future.It’s normal to feel shocked, grief, depression, guilt, anger, and a sense of failure and vulnerability when you lose a pregnancy.

    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn1
    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn1

    The days, weeks, and even months following a loss can be incredibly difficult and painful even more so if this wasn’t your first pregnancy loss, or if you carefully planned this pregnancy and thought you’d done everything right.

    Or you may simply feel withdrawn and moody and unable to concentrate or sleep.

    This is exactly what Size 8 might be going through after the loss of her unborn baby.Gospel musician, Linnet Munyali Muraya alias Size 8, has revealed that she was forced to terminate her pregnancy following a doctor’s recommendation.

    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn2
    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn

    The singer underwent surgery at a city hospital after she was rushed to the facility over high blood pressure and fluctuating body temperatures.

    She revealed that her doctors had worked tirelessly to get her condition under control so that she can carry the pregnancy to full term.

    However, their efforts to bring down the blood pressure did not result in much success.The singer revealed that the doctors advised her and her husband, DJ Mo, to terminate the pregnancy and save the mother’s life following the abnormal blood pressure.

    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn4
    size 8 and dj mo losses their unborn

    DJ Mo revealed that his wife had been battling high blood pressure for five months and doctors recommended the emergency operation.

    The mother of two expressed her disappointment for losing her would be thirdborn.The acclaimed gospel artist said although disappointed, she was happy with the support she received from her family.

    This is the second time the couple has had to undergo such a heart-wrenching ordeal after losing another unborn baby in 2018. The Mateke singer is just grateful to be alive after undergoing such a horrific experience.

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    Kenyans have taken time to console DJ Mo and Size 8 for the loss of their unborn baby The Murayas announced that they had lost their unborn baby.

    The couple said the doctors had tried everything, and God’s will was done.

    Size 8 has shared an emotional video thanking God for saving her life despite losing her unborn daughter due to high blood pressure.

    The emotional mom shared the sad news of the loss, saying she was grateful to be alive.

    The Constitution of Kenya allows women to terminate pregnancies if the life of the mother is at risk.  The Constitution states that termination of pregnancies is illegal unless in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.

    November 2019 was a bittersweet month for gospel singer Size 8.

    On one hand, she had finally delivered her second child. A child who came after a heartwrenching miscarriage.

    On the other hand, the baby she considered to be a miracle was fighting for his life in the Neonatal ICU.

    She was confused, broken, desperate but never shaken. Now, nearly two years later, the musician has nothing but praise for God for her son’s survival.