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Jimmy Kibaki Opens Up on the Death of His Father.


Jimmy Kibaki has for the first time come out openly to speak to the public about the death of his father. According to Jimmy, the death of Kibaki didn’t surprise him together with other family members. The main reason why they were not cought with surprise is that Kibaki has been ailing for quite a very long time.

Jimmy said that Kibaki has been sick for the past four years and they have seen him struggling and the last 3 months haven’t been easy because his situation was very worse. So according to Jimmy they knew that it was coming to an end.

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Jimmy said that he won’t talk much about his sickness but after his burial they will talk more because currently it is time for mourning Kibaki. Jimmy said that the death hasn’t hit him that much because his dad has celebrated very well his life.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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