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Karen Nyamu Apologizes After Posting This Statement Online


Controversial public figure and city lawyer Karen Nyamu has found herself in trouble on social media over a statement that she shared recently.

Karen Nyamu had taken to a social media page where she boasted of how she is managing to raise their two children at the same time.
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In the social media posts that put her in friction with her followers, she said that he cannot take advice from anyone who’s not raising two little children at the same time. according to Karen Nyamu, she has to buy different sizes of diapers for her children at the same time something that she sees as not being so easy.

“Huwezt niambia kitu if you don’t know buying 2 different sizes of diapers at the same damn time!!” One of Karen Nyamu’s social media posts read.

It appears that some of her fans did not take the social media posts kindly and went into her DM where they gave her their pieces of mind. This made Karen Nyamu, in a different social media post, come out and be apologetic to have fun.

“I didn’t expect your diaper stories that you’ve shared with me in the DM! My point was having 2 little babies but seems it’s a struggle for many to even buy diapers… I will give 6 months supply of pampers pants to 20 MOMS. I already got 7 from DM. Please text if you need or know a mom in need,” She Wrote on her social media page.


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