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“Kazi Haifanywi Juu ya Gari” More Drama as Uhuru Takes On His Dp During Latest Presser


Today, president Uhuru kenyatta toured Mombasa County where he led a huge delegation during the World’s Health Day.

The president addressed the Nation, where he promised of some serious changes in the health sector to enable poor kenyans also get adequate health care.

Nevertheless, he did not leave the platform without throwing a spanner at the works, Uhuru was quoted blasting his deputy William Ruto for his now and then campaign remarks.

President Uhuru Kenyatta to DP Ruto:

“Kazi haifanywi juu ya gari, inafanywa kwa offisi na hospitali.”

The president seems to be determined in fighting his deputy William Ruto after some intel from his Jubilee party also disclosed of an ongoing plot to defame him completely in central kenya.

The president has lately been campaigning for the former prime Minister Raila Odinga to succeed him in the forth coming general elections.

This has caused uproar with a majority of leaders from the famous TangaTanga wing now naming Him (Raila Odinga) a government project.

These remarks have been cemented by the fact that Uhuru is seeking to choose Raila’s running mate, this has raised so many questions on Uhuru’s hand in the next government.

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