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“Keilah Oyando is not my daughter” claims Mulamwah the comedian


Just a few hours after comedian Mulamwah revealed  the secret of her ex girlfriend friend Carol Sonnie’s first child abortion, another big secret has been revealed by him too.

Remember just after the child delivery time of mulamwah’s daughter  named Keilah Oyando, many people shared the pics online including The comedian mulamwah himself  shared photos and videos of the newborn in hospital and could not hide his joy on seeing the baby.

He created her daughters  page and named it Keilah Oyando and within three hours from the time she was born the child  got more than five thousand followers on her Facebook page created by mulamwah.

But no one knew that keilah wasn’t mulamwah’s daughter, many claimed it but now almost everyone following mulamwah’s Facebook page knows.

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Today Friday 8th mulamwah shared on his Facebook page that keilah oyando is not her daughter, and many have reacted on that post positively and negatively.

here are the screenshots taken.


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