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“Kenya Help Us Please” Student Stranded in the Middle of Ukraine War Pleads With President Kenyatta


The situation in Ukraine continues to become worse following the Russian invasion. The government of Kenya has asked its citizens living in Ukraine to consider leaving the country until the situation is resolved.

Five Kenyan medical students at a medical university and other Kenyan expatriates are among the thousands who have been trapped in Ukraine. The students are currently trying to find other means to evacuate from the city.

According to the students, it is very difficult to leave the city as all public transports have been put to a halt. Furthermore, it has also emerged that telegram and foreign Atm cards are not working.

It has also emerged that Ukraine’s internet and systems are at a risk of closure as a result of the ongoing war crisis. So far over 137 people from Ukraine have been confirmed dead and over 300 wounded following the Russian invasion.

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“These is no public transport like train, busses and every other means. Taxis are the only option left and are really hard to come by and we cannot manage ourselves to find taxis.

And we would like to ask our government of Kenya back home to talk to Poland so that we can get emergency Visas or put in place measures for evacuation of the students of Kenya and other Kenyan citizens who are are stranded here in Ukraine,” one of the students stated.

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