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Kenya Kwanza Informs Plan to Send President Uhuru Out of the Country After They Take The Sword of Power


The Kenya Kwanza principals have informed plans to send President Uhuru out of the country after they take over the sword of power a few weeks to 9th September as required by the law disclosing under which conditions they will protect Azimio Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga and his family.

According to the Kenya Kwanza team, they have informed President Uhuru should be willing to hand over power if he wants his interest to be well catered for inside the Kenya Kwanza government including urging him to come out and congratulate Deputy President Wiliam Ruto as the President-Elect.

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Ford Kenya Party Leader Moses Wetangula has told President Uhuru that should he acknowledge DP Ruto as the 5th President of the Republic, then he will have lots to reap in his administration including ensuring that they award him International assignments which he shall be coordinating while outside the country.

“We will give you international assignments to go outside the country and other obligations including overseeing elections in foreign countries as other retired presidents do,” he said.
Adding that he shall receive the respect that has been granted to the former Heads of State namely late President Mwai Kibaki and President Daniel Moi.

The Bungoma Senator-Elect has said that, for Raila Odinga what the Kenya Kwanza team requests him to do is to honor the will of Kenyans by agreeing to engage in a handshake with DP Ruto, for the sake of peace and also for the sake of his protection and that of his family afterward.

“We want you to accept, shake hands with us for the sake of peace since we shall protect and respect you as an experienced politician,” the Kenya Kwanza Principal and the Ford Kenya Party Leader have said.

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