Lady Attracts Critics Online After Her Proposal To Eric Omondi Goes Viral

Screenshot 20211013 211235 Chrome
Screenshot 20211013 211235 Chrome

An actress by the name Anne Ongoro has surprised many people with her proposal to comedian Eric Omondi.

In a short video that has now gone viral on social media platforms, she is seen begging Eric Omondi to accept her on the wife material show.

The lady believes that she has everything suitable to be a wife and she will not mind if Eric nominates her.

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The lady promised Eric Omondi that she would do anything to ensure that he is satisfied in everything. He also added that she has everything that Eric Omondi wants and that is why he should choose her as his wife.

She went ahead to show her well shaped body that only few men can resist. However some people attacked her claiming that she is so desperate for money and greed might land her in big problems in the future.

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