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Lilian Muli confuses many With her Male friend At A Club


Celebrated media personality Lilian Muli is known to be a vibrant soul who does not let the chance of having a good time bypass her. On Sunday evening, she was having an amazing time, just relaxing at a club and listening to some instrumental music.

Minutes later, one of her male friends approached her and she seemed to be very happy to have seen him. Happily, she embraced him and gave him a peck on his cheek. Later, she posted the video accompanying it with a caption saying, “Love U King,” just showering some love on him.

However, she also went ahead to address him as bro, a move that was probably aimed at informing netizens that they are not an item but they are really close friends.

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Her male friend who refers to himself as nthiweezy on his Instagram, would go ahead and join her table, to take shots from classy wine glasses. Going to nthiweezy’s profile, he describes himself as a DJ, marketer, sourcing consultant, and realtor.

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