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List of 4 Nyanza MPs Who Accompanied DP Ruto to Raila’s Backyard as Governor Obado Skips Tour


On Sunday, Deputy President William Ruto landed in Raila Odinga’s backyard of Migori as the search of Kuria people’s vote intensifies ahead of the 2022 general polls.

Ruto attended the Sunday church service at Isibania Catholic Church, Kuria West, Migori County, where he later addressed roadside meetings in Isabania.

Despite endorsing William Ruto in the past, the embattled Migori Governor Zacharia Okoth Obado was a no show during Ruto’s visit, unlike the previous visits.

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It was not immediately clear why Obado skipped Ruto’s meeting, but despite this, the DP was accompanied by a number of legislators from the South Nyanza region.

Among the MPs from the region who accompanied Ruto to his tours included; Mathias Robi of Kuria west, Kitayama Marwa of Kuria East, Vincent Mogaka of West Mugirango and Silvanus Osoro of South Mugirango.


Others who were present included John Kawanjiku of Kiambaa, Johana Ngeno of Emurua Dikir, Ndindi Nyoro of Kiharu among others.

Ruto took the opportunity to woo Kuria voters into his political basket, promising a number of goodies should his government take the day in 2022

At the same time, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro spoke on the contentious arrest of Meru Senator Linturi Minthika, saying the state used the remarks to settle some political soars. He claimed Linturi’s comments were clear but spewed and taken out of context.


“I want to tell off this government for balcanizing and sponsoring small ethnic parties. Linturi spoke about politics that are non-inciting but the government use that to revenge against him.

There is someone who told youths to take guns and get ready but he was taken nowhere, Atwoli said Ruto will not see 2022 and was spared also, we will not allow such sideshows anymore” stated Kuria.




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