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Many Years After Acting As Jesus In The Passion Of Christ, See Photos Of This Actor And Family


Children and even adults in Christian homes all over the world will always think that the man who acted like jesus in the movie ” The Passion of Jesus” is the real Jesus Christ. That movie have us a concrete picture of how our Lord Jesus died and other stories that surrounded his death were dramatized in it.


Do you know that it was a man called James Caviezi that stared Jesus In The movie. In this article am going to share with you the interesting information about his family and pictures as well.

The movie steers up the mind of every believer toward the sorrowful moments Christ went through just to cleanse us from all our inquities and transgressions. It was more like a wake-up call to all believers.

He is an American actor born on the 26th day of September in 1968. Aside from the passion of christ, the 52 year old man has also acted in several movies. The one I can remember is when he acted as John Resse in the CBS series.


As we speak, James Patrick Caviezel Jr is married to his soul mate. Their fruitful union is blessed with adorable children. The name of his wife is Kerri Caviezel, she is a light- skinned, tall and with colored hair.

He was 17 years after he acted in the blockbuster movie, ” The Passion of Christ”.

Indeed family is everything and as you can see in the pictures they look lovely. Many may not know how this 52 year old man has impacted the lives of believers. For this singular reason God almighty will bless him and his family at large.

Do you remember this man who acted like jesus in movies? What good thing do you have to say about him since he touched many life’s in those days?

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