Masten Wanjala’s Father Curses His Murderers


    Robert Wanjala Watira, serial killer Masten Wanjala’s father, has expressed his sadness and disappointment by cursing the people who were involved in his son’s brutal death.


    While addressing the media on Friday, October 15, Masten’s father stated that since he received the depressing news of his son’s passing, he has been both scared and sad over his son’s murder.


    The father maintained that it was not his son’s intention to kill children, because he had been taught those things in the city.


    “It was not my son’s intention to do those things but he has been murdered. I am praying for him but for the people who did that, may that blood follow them always,” Watira cursed. Watira proceeded to plead with the families who had fallen victim to his sons’ crimes to forgive him, adding that was the only option they had left.


    “For the families my son caused pain, I am seeking your forgiveness because he has hit the end of the road. There is no other way,” he remarked.

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    While asking for forgiveness, he maintained that his son would never have intentionally hurt someone, since he had been a good son until he left for the city.


    Watira, however, stated that he is ready to bury his son, and is seeking help from the governmentI am ready to bury my son but I don’t have the means. I kindly plead with the government to help me. I just want them to bring my son for me to bury him,” the father pleaded.


    Watira’s sentiments have come barely a day after he told the media that he is not interested in his son.


    “I’m surprised to learn of my son’s escape from jail. How did he escape? The police need to explain how he managed to do so. I have not seen him and I am not interested in seeing him,” he earlier stated.


    Masten was murdered on Friday, October 15, after he was spotted by locals in Bungoma.