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Meet A Strange Creature With 32 Brains, 300 Teeth, 2 Hearts And 10 Eyes, See Photos


According to scientists, there are 8.7 million animal species on the planet. Some are ferocious, while others are cute. Others, on the other hand, are downright bizarre.

Unique animals with extremely exceptional and odd traits and habits can be found all over the world.

Leeches are one-of-a-kind creatures with characteristics that are uncommon in other animals.

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Leeches are most often found amid plants in shallow sections of lakes, as well as behind rocks, sticks, logs, and decaying leaves.

They’re segmented worms with suction cups on the ends of each segment. They have flattened bodies that are substantially wider than they are thick. They are often dark in hue, most commonly brown, black, or dark green.

Some species are completely void of markings, while others have spots and stripes.

Leech has a total of 32 brains. The interior structure of a leech is divided into 32 different segments, each of which has its own brain.

They have a total of 300 teeth.

The jaw of the leech bears 100 teeth. A leech, on the other hand, has three jaws, each with a hundred teeth, for a total of 300 teeth. The leech’s jaws move in a sawing motion to open the wound when it bites.

Leeches have ten eyes, five pairs of which are positioned near the anterior sucker. They do, however, have weak vision. Leeches primarily use their eyes to detect changes in the surrounding light.


It also has two hearts, one on each side, which is a unique characteristic. The majority of it is devoted to storage. A fed leech can expand to five times its original size.


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