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Mulamwah Exposes Carol Sonnie’s first Abortion Secret


Just when we all thought the dust had settled on Mulamwah (David Oyando) and Carol Sonnie’s breakup, the comedian has decided to open the secret he kept from media for a long time.

While He Was responding to a question by his follower who asked him why they broke up.

And in his response, he shocked him by exposing and revealing that Carol procured an abortion after she got pregnancy from another man.

According to Mulamwah what he had thought was a miscarriage in the first pregnancy was apparently an abortion.

previously in the first pregnancy, we had a miscarriage. I later found out that it was not a miscarriage, mtoto alitolewa because alikua wa mtu mwingine.

I wonder why we all try to look good out there and paint others bad when we know what we’ve done behind our backs, “he wrote.

He had earlier accused Carol of cheating on him with a guy living in Kiambu County and when he found out he tried to confront her but the content creator argued that it was tit for tat as she also accused Mulamwah of cheating.

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He further says that after the incident they reconciled and got back together but she kept on cheating and he could not take it anymore

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