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“My Dog Is My Husband” Meet The Photos of a Woman Who Had a Public Wedding With a Dog (Photos)


The world is so funny, today’s article is about a woman who left people talking following the move she made.

A woman who goes by the name Shariam surprised many after she decided to have a wedding with a dog that was made public on TV stations.

According to Presenter Ali, Shariam decided to wed a dog because of not having a good relationship with men. She was married many times by different men but the relationship never lasted for long before breaking with them.

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Her decision was one of the most popular that made people across social media sites talk about her. According to her, that was not an issue and she never minds what people were to say.

Shariam was a model in the early 80s and she was so pretty.The love for a dog was so strange to many people who elicited a lot of reactions on social media sites claiming it as a stupid move.What do you think about it?


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