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Nicah the queen and DJ Slahver have decided to part ways


Kenyan gospel singer nicah the queen and the most known dj slahver have decided to put their romantic relationship to an end, This was confirmed as she shared on social media that people fall in and out of love at different periods. She stated emphatically that the two had agreed to part ways.

“Slahver and I have chosen to split up! People might fall in love and fall out of love,” she stated.

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Nicah took the opportunity to publicly wish DJ Slahver the best of luck in his pursuits as he moves on from their love connection, revealing that she is now beginning on a path to move past it.

“In the end, we’ll just go on!” She went on to say, “I wish him the best!” Nicah raised outrage on social media in February this year when she posted a video of herself cleaning her DJ Slahver’s feet as a token of love.

In the video, the mother of two was seen massaging and assuring her then-partner of her love while rubbing soap on his feet. Nicah was mocked by some Netizens at the time for her romantic gestures.

She didn’t back down and later retaliated against those who thought they had the authority to tell her how to conduct her relationship. People flocked to her inbox with all kinds of stories about how DJ Slahver wasn’t good for her and accused him of cheating when she posted her boyfriend on social media, she stated.

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