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None! Vera says on challenges raising her daughter


Vera Sidika has been all joy and smiles since her pregnancy journey started last year with the successful birth of her daughter Asia being the culmination.

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Since the birth, Vera has constantly updated fans about how raising her cute daughter Asia has been for her.

It seems like it has been a breeze for her, so much so that some of her fans are wondering whether she has had any challenges raising Asia?

Nope! She said, writing back,

”Even when she(sic) used to wake up twice at night to feed & change her diapers I would be so happy doing it. She’s so precious &  I love her so much. Nothing has ever irritated me or made me feel tired. Her face is so sweet to look at every time…Sometimes I miss her when she is asleep.”

Clearly, motherhood suits Vera like a hand in a glove. Let’s not forget she claimed that her CS was painless! Yep, you read that right!


According to Miss Sidika, Asia will soon get a sibling telling fans that she would love another child before the year ends.




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