Pastor Nganga’s Confession Of Having Slept With Several Women Lands Him In Trouble As MCK Reacts


Controversial Kenyan pastor James Nganga’s television channel ‘Sasa Tv’ might be in trouble after the media council of Kenya promised to conduct an investigation following an outcry from the public who accused the owners of the channel for allegedly airing things which they deemed unsuitable for the public.

In a press release that was given by the chief Executive director along with the secretary of the council, the Media council of has revealed that they are going to carry out an investigation in order to find out whether or not the channel has been publishing offensive content.


If found guilty, the media council of Kenya has revealed that they are going to make sure they take the necessary action in the order to stop rogue television channels that might be broadcasting things that they shouldn’t.


This comes a few days after kenyans called out the renowned pastor accusing him of lying to the public and at the same time, of allegedly misleading his audience.

Pastor Ng’ang’a sermon hit different media outlets and even went viral on all social media platforms after it was shared by different kenyans. In the sermon, Pastor ng’ang’a openly revealed that he had sired over 70 children all over the country boasting and claiming that most of the children belonged to his different women from the region of Ukambani.

However, Pastor Nganga’s church later came and apologized for airing his content promising kenyans that such kind of thing was not going to happen again.Kenyans who have expressed their opinions and suggestions on the matter have called upon the MCK to Close his television channel.

For most Kenyans, they claimed that Pastor Ng’ang’as content should not be aired on live television especially on sunday when most children are at home listening and watching different programs.