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SAD: One Reportedly Dies as Witness Recounts Chaotic Scenes Ahead of Ruto’s Swearing In


Kasarani stadium has this morning witnessed chaotic scenes as thousands tried to access the venue ahead of William Ruto’s inauguration as Kenya’s 5th president.

According to a witness who spoke to Citizen TV, a stampede occurred at around 2:00 am as thousands who had camped outside the stadium rushed to secure their seats when the gates were opened.

The Makueni man stated that they had camped outside the stadium’s gate from midnight as he expressed his joy for getting an opportunity to witness the historic swearing-in.
A few hours later, hundreds of Kenyans also forced their way into the arena and a number of people were seriously injured during the stampede as others tried to jump over the fence in order to enter the stadium.

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First aid providers were called upon to assist those who were injured as the police tried to stop those jumping into the stadium from accessing it after several gates leading to the stadium were broken down by those who were trying to gain forceful access to the stadium.

The spokesperson for the National Police Service, Bruno Shiono has since advised Kenyan citizens to seek out alternative venues to watch the inauguration.

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