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Say Goodbye To Your SIM Card If It Does Not Meet This Condition


Thanks to technological improvements, people in geographically scattered regions can now communicate effortlessly using a SIM card. Thanks to SIM cards, people may now communicate with one another for slightly less money by calling and even sending different kinds of text messages.

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However, a significant number of phone consumers face the possibility of having their SIM cards disabled in the ensuing few months.

According to the most current information from the communication administration, all mobile users who registered their SIM cards without providing their photo identity card face will have their service discontinued by this year.

The deadline for Kenyan mobile phone users to register their SIM cards with their service providers has been extended by a further six months, to 15 October 2022, by the country’s Communications Authority (CA).
In order to be on the safe side and avoid losing their SIM cards, Kenyans are reminded in this article to make sure they fulfill this criterion before that day.

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