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Telegram to launch a premium subscription option this month


Telegram company  sets to launch a premium subscription option later this month. This has been confirmed by the company’s founder and CEO, Durov. Rumors about a paid option have been circulating for some time and now it looks like it will become a reality.

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According to Durov, users have been requesting for some current limits to be raised and the platform sees this as the perfect opportunity to charge those who want the extra features. At the same time, the platform will still be free for those who want to use the existing features on the platform.

Those who pay for the premium option will have access to additional features, resources, and speed. Users will also be able to support Telegram and join the club that gets new features first.Durov said, “all existing features will remain free, and there will be plenty of new free features coming.” Details of the paid features have not been revealed but we should get that information soon.

Telegram believes that its platform should be funded primarily by its users and not advertisers. This makes sense as introducing advertisements may complicate issues and may not necessarily make the platform appealing anymore. This is why having features that users pay for makes sense.

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