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“The country has all fuel it requires,” Irungu Macharia Kenya pipeline MD says


Motorists and Kenyans in general have been relieved after the Kenya Pipeline Managing Director Irungu Macharia assured them the country has enough fuel.

Speaking during a meeting with stakeholders in the energy sector where Raila Odinga was present, he revealed that the country is extremely wet and has all the fuel it requires.

For the past two weeks, Kenyans have experienced a shortage in fuel with majority forced to leave their stalled vehicles at home to go fetch fuel in even other towns.

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Several Petrol stations over the weekend were closed as there was not enough fuel. Following the incident, leaders led by DP Ruto called out to the relevant departments to sought out the issue as quickly as possible.

However basing on that issue, Kenya pipeline MD Macharia has assured Kenyans that from this week, the issue will be sorted and forgotten as the country has over 200 million litres of super petrol and over 160 million litres of diesel in storage.

Further, the MD revealed that over 100 million of jet fuel is in storage so no Kenyan should complain of any shortage. He urged KPMG to resolve the suppliers issue so as Kenyans can get their fuel in time.

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