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“Uhuru’s Game Plan to Outshine Ruto Ahead of 2022 Backfired” Edward Waswa Kisiangani Claims


Imperative formerly resident Royal Media Services’ Political Analyst Edward Kisiangani Waswa attested that Uhuru’s proposal to enhance Raila’s popularity and make him outdo Ruto ahead of the 2022 poll misfired.

Through a column in his social feeds the political analyst insisted that the pro-handshake team’s approach was based on spreading disinformation and innuendos at odds with the Deputy President’s disposition as they desperately strived to stain his public reputation.

They concurrently set to draft and enlist each and every influential politician as Ruto’s adversary.

Conversely, Kisiangani argued that their plans of action went wrong as every politician attempted to befriend the Deputy President who was then at the center of the political controversy.

On the other hand, the advocacy they tossed enhanced Ruto’s familiarity.

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As claimed by Kisiangani, the Deputy President single-handedly managed to beat the duo through their own master plan.


What is you opinion on this? Do you concur with Edward Waswa Kisiangani?


Source: https://twitter.com/ekisiangani/status/1491790338058379280?s=20&t=C9hQqZWdGJgPNvy4WgUMiQ



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