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US Government Statement Regarding Kenya’s August Election As Ruto’s Ally Celebrates


Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee Government have now been told by the United States government to do whatever it takes to eliminate the possibility of August Election Rigging that will automatically promote political violence.

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In an alleged screenshot shared by Soy Member of Parliament Hon Caleb Kositany, President Joe Biden is alleged to have said that overthrowing the will of the people would be the last and greatest mistake he could make.

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Yet, the announcement comes just days after Deputy President William Ruto and his allies posted about the involvement of government officials and public servants in the ongoing August Presidential campaigns.


CS Matiangi and Dr Karanja Kibicho responded a few days ago, saying that they will continue to obey Uhuru’s orders.

Kibicho: ‘Meza wembe’… Hang yourself! CS Matiang`i and I are Kenyans, we are stakeholders here and we are not going anywhere! If you hurt our motives, have a tree, we’ll find you a rope… hang yourself! Kibicho.

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