“Usilie Hapa Mwalimu” Judge Tells Crying Teacher Who Allegedly defiled a 13 years girl

    teacher cryingincourt
    teacher cryingincourt

    Drama was today witnessed in one of the courts after a man who is reported to have taken advantage of a 13 year old girl broke down after being convicted of the crimeIn a video that has been shared by a reliable source of information, the teacher could be seen crying and sobbing as all the attendees, prosecution, defendant along with everyone who was present watched in silence expect for the judge.


    However, the court was put on hold for a while after the judge ordered the defendant to talk to the man who was allegedly wasting their time despite the fact that he committed the crime several times after the victim confessed.

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    According to the reports given by the judge, he said that the victim said that she was at home waiting for her parents after being sent home for school fees.

    However, the suspect allegedly pulled him in his house after which he forced himself on her several times.

    “Stop crying, why are you disturbing the court sessions, when you were doing it you were comfortable, the child told us that you pulled her in your room, untied your zip and forced yourself on him so stop acting like a child and let me read your charges”, the judge said

    While reacting to this incident, a number of kenyans have urged the director of criminal investigations to conduct an investigation in order to find out the truth behind these accusations. According to the reports given by most Kenyans, they claimed that maybe the man was framed.


    However, others went ahead and called upon the prosecution to give him enough pr rather extreme punishment to act as an example to other rogue teachers along with other suspects who might be thinking of doing this kind of things.