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Very dangerous Side Effects Of Masturbation To The Body


Masturbation, or self-pleasuring, is fondling and kneading parts of your private organs for self-pleasure. Most young people nowadays indulge in this act to relax, release their body tension, and others do it out of curiosity.

Although science recognizes self-gratification as a compulsion, self-pleasure is very addictive and might sometimes become a problem to people.

In this dissertation, we will go through some of the major side effects of self-gratification.


What Are The Side Effects Of This Act?

1. Sore Private Organ

Excess self-gratification (doing it too much in a short space of time) for both men and women leads to sore genitals. The likelihood of injuring your private organs while indulging in this act is very high. Self-gratification too often or too vigorously can cause your genitals to become sore.

2. Reduced Seminal Fluid

Excessive self-gratification will have an impact on the quantity of seminal fluid one releases. This happens if you engage in excess self-gratification.

3. Capable Of Causing Tiredness in Men

Frequent self-gratification might cause physical and mental tiredness in men. It has been noted that most men might feel tired, drowsy, and even weak after doing so.

4. Body reduction.

Excess self-gratification also leads to body reduction in men, just like sex doing it daily reduces your body control yourself and stop it.

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    Bring it up to help many people in this situation.

  2. Erasmus Harmon 12 months ago

    It is better to do self enjoyment when you are jamed then to rap someone .

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