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” Wanaume Wa Kenya Hakuna Kitu Wanajua Kitandani ” Huddah Monroe


Dubai based Kenyan female celebrity Huddah Monroe has left people talking after claiming that Kenyan men ate not the type she can groove with. On her latest complaint, the female socialite said that Kenyan men offer poor services as matters of the bed are concerned.

Huddah said that she needs to take it in, but unfortunately no man matches her type in the country. She further said that her man is in Europe busy with her stuff.

In another post that rose controversy, the Dubai businesswoman said that she can never dump a man just because he cheated on her.

On the qualities of a man she wants, the celebrity said that he should not be stingy and she should be rich, speaking this on her instastories, the celebrity said that in her life, she cannot entertain a stingy man or a broke man.


Huddah has been out of the country for approximately 2 years and back again in the country, but east-west she has not found a man who can match her needs and already concluded that there is no man for her in Kenya leading to starvation.

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