Woman who Beautifies the DEAD Reveals the Amount of Money she Gets For Working on one Body

Screenshot 20210926 183252 Chrome
Screenshot 20210926 183252 Chrome

Tina Akello a women aged 34 years who grew in Budalangi,is person who is proud of her work which involves applying make up to dead bodies and also a part time salonist.

She states that she started the make-up job in 2016 after her best friend passed on and she was tasked to beautify her body before she was laid to rest.

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This is what inspired her to start beautifying corpses. She narrates that since the Covid-19 pandemic started,her make-up job has been greatly affected since many people are not allowed to visit the morgue.

According to her,many people had known her services and she could get many refferals from all across the country.

Before the pandemic,Tina reports she used to make between Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 30,000 per body.This shows for about 20 bodies,she could get close to Ksh 200,000.

Her family has no problem with her work and she says she receives the make-up products to be used on her clients from the family members.

However she visits the morgue to get the complexion of the corpse before getting the right products that matches the skin color.

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