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Zari Slams Photographer For Leaking Her Steamy Pics With Shakib


Zari Hassan has blasted the hotel and photographer who broke their agreement and leaked steamy pics of her and young Ben 10 boyfriend Shakib.

A couple of the images popped up on the internet last night, but a few more scandalous ones have appeared since.

In a video responding to the leaks, Zari explained how the photographer decided to go against his client, the spa where Zari and Shakib were, and publish the photos independently on his own platform.

She accused the photographer of chasing
clout and likes and being unprofessional. Zari also posted a termination of her agreement with the said spa.

Apparently, the socials have been busy with some pictures- of me and my boyfriend on a vacation. Some of them are beautiful, some of them are a little bit PG 18. There was an agreement between myself and the resort spa that I was visiting and there was a MoU in place.

But the photographer who took the pictures- because he’s a bloger- he felt like, ‘I need to post this. I wanna be the one breaking the news.’

Things just went the wrong way- some of the photos were not supposed to be posted. But you know anything for likes. I don’t even know what to say right now.”

Zari who is 42 years has dated several men among them Diamond Platinumz with whom they had two kids before their break up. Her other three kids had them with her late husband
Ivan Semwanga.

It has been a few months since she started dating Shakib and she is clearly in love going by the leaked pictures. In a recent post, Zari revealed to her followers that her young boyfriend is ready to take their relationship to the next level and meet her father to ask for his permission to marry her.

In a video, she posted on her Instagram the socialite speaking in her mother tongue had no kind words to those who wished her and her boyfriend ill saying that their relationship would
end in tears.

The mother of five told them that if they are waiting to see the relationship crumbling they will until thy kingdom comes.

Zari was speaking this with her boyfriend beside her as the two were having a fun time.
She went on to throw shades at those who have been mocking them, telling them their black magic is not working on her.

She further encouraged Lutaya to keep doing whatever he is doing to make her happy.”Mr. Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund.

I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund.”
She has been on the defensive ever since, fighting off questions and comments about their apparent age difference.

Just this past July, Zari posted a subliminal message philosophizing her current relationship: “I’m not going by the
rules where society is setting standards we’re supposed to love people of certain calibers,” she ranted.

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